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“Two forces – good and evil, white and black give  huge space in the pool where a man dobbles as a child in the pudle and his basic question what and why. “



He is a polish painter, sculptor and set designer, one of the most famous contemporary artists. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, a student of Professor Norbert Skupniewicz. Art experts say that his painting excites the senses with its aesthetics, forces the experience and tends to reflect. Most of his works shows women who consciously while preserving sensuality are subjected to deformation. They are the epitome of grace, but also, according to the artist – the tragic figures, fallen in his powerlessness to the world. Tomasz Akusz is the author of numerous national and international exhibitions and many prizes like the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Visual Arts and Graphics in Belgium. A series of his works – „Popaprańcy” was presented at the exhibition in Brussels, in the European Parliament.