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Magdalena Serwin

Magdalena Serwin
by admin3

„My work can be classified as mainstream graphic impressionism, which known representative is the Russian painter Andre Kohn, who is also a source of inspiration for me. I like simplicity and immediacy interwoven with the note of dynamism, I focus on the human being, mainly the woman.”


Magdalena Serwin, an artist of the younger generation, a painter specializing in oil and putty technique, a certified graphic designer of applied art, a graduate of the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz, who gains experience under the guidance of great artists.

The impact of her work is undoubtedly Impressionism, which is – as emphasized – a big fan. Her works are characterized by a tasteful contrast, overcoming gray and black with warm colors. She already has several exhibitions in Poland, and her paintings hang in private collections, among others in Germany, Great Britain, the United States ….