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"Daniel Pielucha is a painterly epic, revealing and manifesting the attitude of common aspects of fear and beauty.." - Piotr Głowacki   _BIO He was born in 1959 in Wieluń. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where in 1985 he obtained a diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice. The kind of easel painting the artist produces is called "POLISH NADREALISM". In his work, the painter, following the example of great predecessors, looks for features that demonstrate the [...]

"Painting is for me: a tool for transforming and metaphorizing reality, for transmitting and simultaneously translating the image of the world seen from a chosen perspective, for telling the stories of certain people, for their fate, life, finding in it. It is an attempt to tell a human my way and try to find compensation for his own limit. It's finally a great pleasure for me."   _BIO Daria Wiercioch - a graduate of the Graphic Design Department at the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts and Mathe [...]

"By using traditional sculpting techniques and figurations, I try to show that art does not have to scare the viewer with a monster named: The Condition of Man in the Postmodernist World."   _ BIO Norbert Sarnecki - a well-known and awarded master of spatial form, for whom sculpture is the greatest passion in life. Graphics and Sculptures of the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts - where in 2010 he obtained a doctoral degree - having dozens of sculptures, statues and statuettes. Participant of num [...]

On Sunday, May 12 at V.A. Gallery Poland on the premises of Metalmex - took place the first edition of the project "Art over Art". On one day and in one place were presented different genres of contemporary art, from painting and graphics through photography, sculpture, up to artistic glass - by both young artists and those with a well-established position on the market. "Art over Art" is a project without limits and any restrictions, dedicated to all lovers of art regardless of age, knowledge i [...]

Hanna Kłopotowska twórczość

"... Hanna Kłopotowska ... takes up the challenge and effort to vacuum our consciousness and revive our imagination. There is just someone who is absolutely direct with a whole range of innocence, uncompromising innocence of the child. She is completely devoted to Painting and Drawing. He creates veristic works, but it is a verism marked by a synthesis of observations of the reality that surrounds us - this is a skill that is not often encountered in today's world - to put it mildly, full of com [...]

The exhibition "I want to look in your eyes" includes 17 paintings, thematically coherent, color and technical, depicting women of Magdalena Serwin's vision. Mysterious, dreamy, hiding her face in front of the world. In this way, the artist allows the recipient to identify with their heroines. The opening was honored by the well-known Poznań saxophonist Jan Adamczewski. The exhibition is now the 62th meeting with the excellent Polish contemporary art organized by Our Gallery as part of the serie [...]

Vernissage of the exhibition "Colors of Femininity in Art" a great meeting of Painting with Sculpture and Music, a meeting paying homage to the extraordinary work of mother nature - a woman. A feast for the eyes was taken care of by Renata Brzozowska, Hanna Styczyńska, Krystyna Małecka, Ewa Jasek and Dominik Jasiński. Tomasz Perlicjan, Maciej Mańkowski, Sylwester Chłodziński, those are the Artists, and the feast for the ears was provided by: young, talented and incredibly charismatic Julia Mróz, [...]

Dariusz Żejmo

„ Painting of Dariusz Żejmo is an example of the authentic joy of creation. The artist is not only an excellent observer, but also moves with unprecedented freedom in any painting convention. In some of his paintings, we can see the echoes of medieval and renaissance art, in others the evident "traces" of impressionism, and in others, the extraordinary precision characteristic of hyperrealism.”   _BIO Dariusz Żejmo was born in Kożuchów in 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (sp [...]

„ Owczarek is fascinated by the impact of new technologies on human life, especially in urban space. Focusing on the issues of mechanization and standardization, he deals with them in the anti-utopian style. Owczarek is interested in shamanism, gnosticism and alchemy. His works were also influenced by the content of the Tibetan Book of the Dead as well as his studies in the field of cultural anthropology.” _BIO Born in 1985. Studied at the College of Photography in Wroclaw, which he graduated wi [...]

  The artist takes the spectators on an architectural journey around the corner of Europe. The collection of her works is the result of searching for inspiration, discovering multifacetedness in art, in the means of expression and passing on the particle of herself. (more…)