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Ewa Jasek

by admin3

„The works of Ewa Jasek, although it evokes associations with the pop art of the 60s and 70s of the last century, draws on aesthetics and even ornamentation from the present day. One can rather say that her painting refers to the best “traditions of the genre”; from Lautrec, through Basquiat, Chuck Chase, to the works of Pągowski and Świerzy, bringing in their own means of expression. ”
Witold Zakrzewski




Ewa Jasek is a graduate of High School of Fine Arts, PWSSP. She is an artist whose main passion is painting but she also deals successful with photography, drawing and more recently – digital graphics. For many years she has been a culture animator, organizer of workshops, open air exhibitions and exhibitions. For a dozen years, she conducted extracurricular art education for children and teenagers, simultaneously creating and seeking her own artistic language of expression.


In her artistic output she has participated in many group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The works of Ewa Jasek have found buyers not only in European countries, but also in private collections in Australia and the USA.