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Arte Factum by Karol Bąk

Arte Factum – GREAT ART PERFORMANCE in V.A.Gallery Poland. September 14 this year in V.A. Gallery Poland – the artistic heart of the capital of Greater Poland, the opening of the exhibition “Arte Factum by Karol Bąk” took place. This event, which art enthusiasts have lived for a long time, brought to Poznań fans of Karol Bąk’s works from all over Poland and beyond! Szczecin, Gdańsk, Koszalin, Ostróda, Rawicz, Lublin, Poznań, Berlin …. in one place in V.A. Gallery Poland! Mystical, dignified and alluring beauties peeking from the master’s paintings, exciting and fierce competition at the art auction, and all this bathed in the sounds of the saxophone, hot atmosphere thanks to wonderful guests in the company of the best quality drinks!


The exhibition includes 30 oil paintings – 22 new, unprecedented, 7 paintings from the turn of 2018/2019, an auction painting and 13 graphics by Karol Bąk. The proceeds from the sale of the painting submitted for the auction was transferred to the section of wheelchair basketballers – KSS Mustang Dr. Piotr Janaszek Foundation. The auction was conducted by Paweł Wylegała. Music was provided by Jan Adamczewski. On this occasion, a limited series of whiskey glasses designed by the Icon of Polish Crystal – Sebastian Pietkiewicz also hit the market. The exhibition is already 64 meeting with excellent Polish contemporary art, organized by our gallery as part of the “Marriage of Art with Business” series. Photo – Agata Weronika Juska, Sebastian Goździerski.