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Art over Art

On Sunday, May 12 at V.A. Gallery Poland on the premises of Metalmex – took place the first edition of the project “Art over Art”. On one day and in one place were presented different genres of contemporary art, from painting and graphics through photography, sculpture, up to artistic glass – by both young artists and those with a well-established position on the market. “Art over Art” is a project without limits and any restrictions, dedicated to all lovers of art regardless of age, knowledge in this area or wallet wealth. The event had the formula of the fair, an open and free event, on which, apart from admiring and acquiring Polish contemporary art in its various faces, it was possible to talk to its creators, seek advice or dispel any doubts. The first edition of the project “Art over Art” is a history now and it has been a great success. We are happy that the idea of ​​a cultural Sunday was so well received, thank you to the artists and everyone who reached us this day, thanks to you achieving this was possible and become to success – VAGallery Poland – Foto – Agata Weronika Juska