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Art over Art 2

Sztuka na/d/ sztuki 2On Sunday, December 1 at V.A. Gallery Poland, a gallery located within the Metalmex company – the second edition of the “Art on / d / Arts” project took place. The idea for a cultural spending of Sunday in the spirit of the upcoming Christmas was great among art lovers and certainly brought gift inspirations. Despite the December temperature, the hot atmosphere warmed the hearts of guests who could take a closer look at real art, listen to it, feel the magic and emotions that it brings.
An incentive for a wide range of art lovers were: the diversity of art genres, attractive prices and, importantly, the opportunity to talk to its creators. In one day and in one place were presented: painting, graphics, photography, sculpture and artistic glass by both young Artists and those with an already established position on the market. The program of the event also included educational aspects – visitors were waiting for: a quarter for the Crossword-eaters, an interesting lecture on the perception of art, competitions and valuable prizes.

“Art over Art” is a project without limits and any restrictions, dedicated to all lovers of art regardless of age, knowledge in this area or wallet wealth. The event has the formula of a fair and the nature of an open and free event. Interest in it’s confirms our belief in the relevance of the initiative and encourages us to work.  We are glad that there are more and more people who, like us, cannot imagine a world surrounded by objects fulfilling only functional meaning, a world devoid of art, something that is simply surprising, captivating, thought-provoking, evoking emotions. Photo: Agata Weronika Juska.